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Prepared for a wide variety of careers in science, students in 化学 and 生物化学 take classes in traditional disciplines as well as a seminar program which explores topics of interest that are not covered in a standard curriculum. Extensive laboratory experience and faculty guided research allows students to dive into their own research interests. The program blends a long history of excellence with modern, high-impact, student-centered teaching.



  • 生物化学
  • 化学
Training Scientists to Impact the Future

Undergraduate research opportunities and lab experiences allow students to explore their interests

化学 and 生物化学

Chemists study matter – what it is made of, how it interacts, and why it reacts the way it does. Biochemists apply that knowledge and study to the matter in living organisms. Chemists and biochemists develop new materials, new (environmentally friendly, 更便宜的, safer) ways to make existing materials, 研究药物如何起作用, how to improve existing drugs, and how to make new drugs for old and new diseases. 作为威尼斯人平台的学生, you will be a part of a diverse program that works to directly impact the future by training scientists. Learn how to apply what you learn in the classroom directly to human and animal health.

What can you do with a degree in this academic area?

  • Doctor or Physician’s Assistant
  • Optometrist, Dentist, or other Health Professional
  • 法医科学家
  • 药剂师
  • Research and Development Chemist
  • 品质控制化验师
  • 环境化学家
  • 化学 Teacher or Professor

of graduates double majored in 化学 and 生物化学


majors tailored to the interests and professional aspirations of 化学 and 生物化学 students


of 生物化学 majors pursue an advanced degree



From lab experience and guided faculty projects, students are involved in research from day one. Opportunities to present at local, 区域, and national conferences allow students to network with professionals. Connecting with real-world scientists often leads to internships at world-class research facilities like the multiple partners in Columbus. 例如, students have worked at Battelle, 道康宁, 礼来公司, and the Columbus Police Crime Lab. Columbus is a unique community that celebrates all industries and the opportunities for professional growth are endless.


Biochemists and chemists are problem-solvers, 好奇的, and collaborative – always looking for ways to improve everything from medical procedures to nutrition or the environment. Throughout your academic career at 资本, you will always be supported by professional faculty. When you arrive, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who will work with you to achieve your goals. From courses in analytical, 生物化学, 有机, 无机, and physical chemistry to biology courses, students are prepared for any future they dare to dream.


The Department of 化学 and 生物化学 has been accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS) for over 50 years, an honor earned by only about 20 percent of U.S. colleges and universities. Founded in 1876 and chartered by the U.S. Congress, ACS is one of the largest scientific organizations. 化学冠军, 这是实践者, and the global community of members, the ACS works to improve lives through the power of chemistry. 作为威尼斯人平台的学生, you will receive the education and experience needed to meet industry needs.


  • 化学原理
  • 有机化学
  • 分析化学
  • 生物化学
  • 无机化学
  • 物理化学
“From the moment I spoke with the professors, I knew 资本 was the place for me. After just one meeting, these professors remembered my name and details about our conversation. Columbus also offers strong research opportunities and the professors work diligently to find internships for their students. What is also unique is that the professors work as advisors for on-campus research.”

-Trey Figgins, 化学/生物化学. 2024届毕业生

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