The Center For Global 教育 is responsible for advising and assisting international students with the transition of living and studying in the United States and assisting students in developing global opportunities such as study abroad and involvement in campus international activities.

It is the mission of The Center For Global 教育 to enhance opportunities for global understanding through the exchange of students, scholars and faculty between 威尼斯人平台 and other countries. We affirm that international educational exchange can advance learning and scholarship, build respect and understanding among different people, and encourage responsible leadership.

How do we support our international students at 威尼斯人平台?

We are happy to have you as students at 威尼斯人平台. 威尼斯人平台 has approximately 100 international students from 23 different countries. The Center For Global 教育 is here to help you with your transition as you live in the United States and to support you in meeting your educational goals! 办公室从早上八点半开始营业.m. 至下午5时.m.星期一至星期五. Later meeting hours can be requested on an individual bases by contacting oie@braehmer.net.


UNIV 193-02: 职业发展 through an International Lens

Offered in the fall semester, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5pm - 5:50pm
This course is designed for students who are international students, or U.S. students who have grown up in other countries, to understand how to use important career development tools, 工作授权, and the importance of engaging in high impact practices during a student’s college experience. It is a very practical course with a lot of student interaction and an opportunity to practice important career development skills.

Here are what former participants have said about the course:

“Career development class gave me a much better view of what I will face as an international student. It gave me a perspective on how to handle educational, professional, and social life. Miss Jennifer Adams and Miss Jennifer Vrobel demonstrated the class application in a perfect way. It was the kind of class where everyone was part of the enjoyable class interaction” - Hasset Negussie (Ethiopia)

“The 职业发展 class is advantageous if you are looking to find an internship, get a job or any other type of work experience in the United States as an international student. I learned important information that is not taught in any other class and, 结果是, I feel a lot more confident in applying for jobs and internships now than I did before. I would recommend this class to any international student, even if they do not intend to work or do an internship in the United States, as circumstances can always change and this class can only benefit them.——Ishan Thapa(尼泊尔/文莱)

“The 职业发展 Course provided me with important career-related information that is specifically tailored towards international students. The guidance provided in this course helps International students plan their CPT, 选择, and any future career-related endeavors.——阿莫德·塔帕(尼泊尔/文莱)

If you have any questions about the course, please contact jadams@braehmer.net or jvrobel@braehmer.net.

Other ways we support our international students:

  • International Student Orientation prior to first year or departmental orientations
  • Airport Pickup for students living in on-campus housing
  • Continuous support as you adjust to life in the united states
  • Access to all university support services


全球学生协会 (GSA)

GSA is a recognized campus student organization with membership open to all 威尼斯人平台 students. This organization plans cultural events to provide opportunities for 威尼斯人平台 students, faculty and staff to learn about world cultures and events that shape our world. The organization also plans social and community service events for its members. Watch your e-mail for important announcements and 在Instagram上关注GSA.

GSA Executive Board for 2022-2023 Academic Year

总统: Grace Djaodo(社会工作)
副总裁: Joy Ayinde(生物医学预科)
财务主管: Kirubel Asfaw (业务 Management, Data Science Minor)
秘书: Josh Baron (Environmental Studies)
服务的椅子: Daniel Mlinga(生物医学预科)
宣传椅子: Halima Ag Boula (International Studies)

More Resources for 国际学生

Aya Ueki International Student Scholarship

The parents of Aya Ueki established a scholarship to honor and celebrate the memory of their daughter, a former 威尼斯人平台 and Hokuriku Gakuin University student, who had a love of global learning. International students who have completed at least one semester at 资本, who are in good academic standing, and who have demonstrated campus involvement are encouraged to apply. The scholarship is open to any academic program of the university (ESL, 本科, graduate studies and the adult degree program.) The scholarship may be used to help cover tuition costs for the following fall and spring semester, but is not available to be used towards summer tuition or to pay off previous university debts.

Students who meet the qualifications can apply for the Aya Ueki International Student Scholarship using the online form.


Students or scholars from one of 威尼斯人平台 Partner Institutions may apply to 威尼斯人平台 as part of an exchange program. 每年, the number of available participant spots is determined but the number of students who participated the previous year. 一般, there are between 1 – 3 places available each year for each exchange partner.


To participate in an exchange program, students must provide the following documents:

  • An 交换应用程序 with a signature from the partnering institution indicating you have been approved by them to participate.
  • A Financial Affidavit-of -Support form and a current bank statement translated in 英语. Students need to demonstrate they have sufficient funds to live and study in the U.S. while participating in the program. This is determined by the length of time you will be studying. Students should keep a copy of this information for themselves as they apply for a F-1 student visa.
  • Copy of the Information page of the passport
  • Demonstration of 英语 proficiency. If students are enrolled in 资本 courses, students may demonstrate they have sufficient 英语 skills from taking one of the following exams; TOEFL or IELTS, 分数.

所有学生都应该 在MyCap中更新他们的地址 搬迁后10天内. Immigration regulations require an address update in SEVIS. 请发邮件到 oie@braehmer.net to make sure address has been updated.


填妥此表格 online and we will process your request as soon as possible.

Vacation and Travel Request Form

填妥此表格 (PDF) and submit it with your I-20 to Lesly Boateng, RM 121, Harry C. 摩尔学生会.



可选实践培训 (选择) is an opportunity for you to have temporary employment to gain practical experience in your field of study. 一般, an F-1 student is eligible for a MAXIMUM OF 12 MONTHS of this type of employment for each educational level (Bachelor’s, 硕士, 等.).



STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. STEM 选择 provides an opportunity to extend 可选实践培训 for an additional 24 months for graduates who completed a program of study in a STEM major. 美国.S. Department of Homeland Security requires that the major and the major CIP code listed on the student’s I-20 matches up with their list of STEM CIP codes. The list of 资本 majors meeting these requirements is listed on the STEM 选择 instructions. 美国.S. Department of Homeland Security also requires that employers meet specific requirements before a STEM 选择 extension can be considered. 雇主 must have an e-verify employment number and must also work with the employee to complete, sign and regularly evaluate the employee on form I-983; training plan. A person who is eligible for a STEM extension must file this application before the end date of their current 选择. Unlike a traditional 选择 application, a STEM extension requires employment and a specific employer prior to applying.



课程及实践训练-paid or volunteer temporary employment-is a way for students in F-1 immigration status to gain practical experience and 工作授权 in their field of study before they graduate. Students must be earning academic credit for the internship or clinical work during CPT, or the work must be either a required or integral part of the academic program as documented in the University Bulletin or the Student Handbook for the academic program. Eligibility requires students to have been full time in a qualifying immigration status for one academic year, or on F-1 status for one academic year. ESL students are ineligible for CPT. The controlling federal regulations is 8 C.F.R. § 214.2(f)(10).

下载完整的资料简介 and Form


GSA is a recognized campus student organization with membership open to all 威尼斯人平台 students. This organization plans cultural events to provide opportunities for 威尼斯人平台 students, faculty and staff to learn about world cultures and events that shape our world. The organization also plans social and community service events for its members. Watch your e-mail for important announcements and follow the activities on Instagram.

Popular trips and events have included:

  • Trip to Old Man’s Cave and Hocking Hills State Park
  • 去伊斯顿购物
  • 文化之夜
  • 万圣节南瓜雕刻
  • 哥伦布动物园的野生之光
  • Skiing or Tubing at Mad River Mountain
  • 滑冰
  • 哥伦布地铁公园之旅
  • 感恩节晚宴



导演: Ms. 詹妮弗·亚当斯,M.A.
[14]哈利C. 摩尔学生会 (near the 资本 Mail Room)
电话: 614-236-6170
传真: 614-236-6290
电子邮件: jadams@braehmer.net or cge@braehmer.net

An international student provides information at a booth during 资本's welcome weekend